Tuesday, 21 May 2013

swimming pools Designs, images, plans, for kerala homes, best swimming pool Company

Swimming pools For Kerala Homes

Swimming pools Images

Mira Water Management Company

As the name implies, skimmer type swimming pools will stabilize and control the water level, using skimmers. You can set a desired water level point, for inducing splendor and comfortability. There will be a balancing tank, which will receive over flowed water, and maintain a perfect level. The feel of over flow can be achieved with the help of three water inlets. The design and shape of modern swimming pools are changing drastically. There is no such thing as traditional Swimming pool Designs in the trendy world of modern society. You might not need an explanation about the booming number of swimming pool companies. However, if you are looking for a professional and superior manufacturer, try Mira Water Management Company. Whatever may be your design, Mira will help you to build it. You can also use their exceptional service even after swimming pool installation. Mira is one of the most popular companies in India, especially in Kerala. So, if you want to construct a beautiful Swimming pool in Kerala, you know where to look.

Monday, 20 May 2013

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Curtains for homes in kerala

Curtain Design for homes
Curtains images
Curtains design ideas
Curtains Shops kerala

Curtain Design for homes

Curtains images

Curtains design ideas

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Paving Tiles Kerala, Brick tiles kerala, Design, Price, images for kerala Homes

Paving Tiles Kerala

Latest Paving Tile Design
New Brick Tiles Design


Paving Tiles Design


 Window Tiles Design


Brick Tiles Design

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Eco friendly homes in kerala, Design , images, Interior Design, Eco friendly House Plan

Eco friendly homes in  kerala

Now day’s, people speak more about ecofriendly and green homes. The two words, ecofriendly and green homes are becoming more popular. The climatic conditions are changing day by day. Some people believe that, the environment changes and drastic climate shifts are some sort of persuades stigma. So they think, they are free to build their dream house, without thinking how it is going to affect the future generation. Due to extremely hot weather condition, lack of fresh air and insufficient supply of drinking water has forced people to think about green.
Now, thing’s have changed and green building ideas have started making sense to people. Those who were not aware about the alternatives existed to keep their house warm, are not too late. You have enough time to think about building a house using green principles. Such houses, without doubt, will be energy efficient, comfortable and will keep you and your family healthy.
Your greenhouse will motivate others to think about it and will make them move forward to discover  new more alternatives . So if you are planning to make a new house, follow some simple ideas to make it ecofriendly.

Keep the land green

Many people want their dream house to look like what they have seen in an architectural magazine. But such house doesn’t find to be good in reality, so you should move forward to find out that matches better with your lifestyle. The first thing you should do is to design your house according to the shape and size of the plot you hold. You must maintain the natural shape and beauty of the land. You must avoid cutting trees in your plot and start thinking about designing landscapes to maintain the natural greenery look. Trees are required to protect your house from direct sunlight and this will keep the rooms in your house cooler. The natural water resource around your plot has to be kept clean and you must protect them. It is a good idea to adapt rain water harvesting methods. Save maximum rain water, which will be more useful for you during the summer season.

Design your house green

We should stop designing houses that make people sick. Unfortunately, there are many designs that focus on style and comfort. But you should always choose an architectural design that matches with your lifestyle. People who choose green homes, they not only save the planet in return, they get the value of craftsmanship and feel. 
You must choose the design and size of your house based on the number of family members, going to live in it. You must choose natural building materials to make your house look green and of course it will be more profitable.
Try to grow live plants around your house to keep the environment around your house fresh. You must only use fluorescent light bulbs because they last up longer. Avoid using toxic paints for your home. It’s a good idea to choose solar panels to save electricity and to make the maximum use of sunlight. Such type of simple changes can make your life greener and safer.

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